Excellence, From Concept to Completion

Firmly embedded in our business DNA is the commitment to satisfying customer needs with dedication and passion. It’s us living into the notion that we can never get a second chance to do a job right the first time.

So we stress reliability and integrity from the beginning. It’s our promise to respect you by being good stewards of jobsite time and guardians of construction accuracy:
True to our slogan: Time conscious. Character Driven.

Construction Management

Construction Management provides a single point of responsibility for construction.

Construction Management by Garrett & Associates incorporates accurate scheduling. Timely job management and on-time completion rewards both parties, client and contractor. Because of this management philosophy, Garrett & Associates is well known for finishing projects "on-time" which results in repeat business from satisfied clients.

Construction Management by Garrett & Associates has built its reputation on consistent communication with the Owner-Client and Architect. Communication is the key for planned and desired project outcomes. Garrett & Associates’ style of Construction Management has earned respect for their cost containment of all completed projects.

Excellence in the area of housekeeping and maintaining a dust-free environment when needed has earned Garrett & Associates "call backs" for fresh projects.

Because we are a company of professionals utilizing an open book philosophy, we remain available and ready to do what is right, adding new definition to the term "integrity". We believe that "your word is your bond" and consistently operate in an environment of mutual respect with Owners, Architects, and Subcontractors.

Design / Build

All the advantages of Construction Management except the Architect is hired by and works directly for the Contractor.

General Contracting

This more traditional delivery method is most often used when plans and specifications are completed and the Owner is soliciting competitive bids from general contractors. Garrett & Associates welcomes the opportunity to offer competitive bids on any project.